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An Emulator for Bailey Controls Net 90 OIU/MCS VDUs

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Mirador's PC-based emulator of the Bailey VDU supports all the functions of the original customized Intecolor terminals, allowing its replacement with modern PC hardware.  There are two generations of Intecolor terminals customized for Bailey Controls.  The first generation 8001 terminals implemented special Bailey functions with CSR 978000-074.  The second generation 8800 series terminals implemented these functions with CSR 978000-328.  Both generations are supported by the emulator.   The emulator has been successfully field tested.


Shown below are some typical displays from the Mirador PC8800 emulator for the Bailey VDU (V9.83-48 FRD 8001):

Bailey VDU text screen

Bailey VDU graphics screen 2
Bailey VDU graphics screen 3
Bailey VDU graphics screen 4

Bailey Net 90 OIU and MCS

The Bailey Controls Net 90 OIU and MCS operator consoles, often used in the petrochemical industries, incorporate video display units based on Intecolor 8001 terminal hardware, but with custom cpu firmware and a custom character set (Intecolor CSR 074). The custom firmware provides for high speed block transfers of screen data (text-based graphics) and for host control of the keyboard. The Bailey firmware supports serial communications with a host computer 38,400 Baud.

Options for Bailey OIU Replacement

PC8800-BC is available in two forms:

  • As a Windows application, for installation on a user-supplied PC.
  • As a Linux application, pre-installed on an eBOX-2300 embedded computer. This version is especially well-suited for replacement of mission-critical terminals. The eBOX boots Linux from Compaq Flash (no hard disk) and is configured to launch PC8800-BC automatically following boot. The application runs full screen.


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