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Bundled Solutions for Industrial Display Replacement


For running PC8800 or PC5200 in a mission-critical control application, a dedicated hardware platform is often desired. Using dedicated hardware to run one of Mirador's Linux-based emulators has several advantages. Such a system can support full-screen displays, it can be configured to launch the emulator application at boot automatically, it is quite secure, and it is relatively easy to maintain.

While some emulator users might prefer to source their own hardware, others want a complete terminal replacement solution that is plug-and- play. To accomodate such users, Mirador offers the Linux versions of its PC8800 and PC5200 emulators bundled with suitable hardware.

Desktop Emulator Hardware

A complete terminal replacement solution typically consists of the PC8800 or PC5200 terminal emulation software itself, a small form-factor, industrial grade computer with Linux OS, a flat panel monitor and a PC-style keyboard

Mirador can provide bundles consisting of the emulator plus any of the necessary hardware components. A complete system is pictured at right. It includes:

  • An LCD monitor with screen protector, rugged metal housing, and heavy-duty adjustable desk stand. Please see the box below for details.
  • An embedded PC (not visible because mounted behind the monitor on the monitors VESA mount). Please see the box at right for details.
  • A 122-key PC keyboard fitted with custom keycaps and providing a key-for-key emulation of the Intecolor 117-key keyboard. Please see this page below for details.

Product Description
Industrial LCD Monitor

Through a reseller arrangement, Mirador can offer a high quality industrial grade LCD monitor as part of a complete terminal replacement solution. LCD monitors are available in several sizes and package types. They are assembled in the USA and come with three year warranties.

The desktop terminal replacement bundle pictured above includes a 17" monitor, in black. This monitor features:

  • a screen protector
  • an attractive and rugged metal housing
  • a heavy-duty adjustable desk stand
  • (the customized 122-key PC keyboard pictured is a separate option)

A rackmount version of the 17" monitor is also available. It is shown here in beige. The enclosure is 7U high.

Rackmount Emulator Hardware

For additional information about LCD monitors available from Mirador to complement its software products, please visit www.hopeindustrial.com

Product Description
Embedded Computer

Mirador has identified a reliable and inexpensive embedded computer that is suitable for the dedicated hosting of PC8800, PC5200 and Mirador's other industrial terminal emulators. The computer described here provides all the computing power and peripheral support that are needed for the emulator in a convenient form factor. This computer can be installed behind a flat panel monitor on the monitor's VESA mount if desired.

Mirador has tested its emulation software on this platform and found it to perform very well. Accordingly, Mirador recommends this platform for the Linux versions of PC8800 and PC5200 (including custom variants), and, as a convenience to its customers, offers the embedded computer with the software pre-installed and ready to run.

When hosting a Mirador emulator, the embedded computer runs a specially taylored version of the Linux operating system (based on Slackware 12.0, with a specially build V2.6 kernel). The operating system is configured for auto-login and automatic launch of the emulator application at boot up. The operating system software, the emulator itself and the necessary support libraries are installed on a CompactFlash (CF) card, which functions as the computer's boot device. Since the CF card is easily removable from the computer, software maintenance is very simple.

Embedded computer

Embedded Computer Specifications

  • 1GHz Vortex86DX type system on chip
  • System Memory - 256MB SDRAM
  • Supports removable CompactFlash boot device
  • Integrated SVGA Controller - 32MB Video RAM, HD-15 connector
  • 10/100 Ethernet - Realtek RTL8100B controller, RJ-45 connector
  • Serial ports - 2 RS-232, DB-9M connectors
  • Audio Codec
  • PS/2 Keyboard/mouse
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Fanless operation
  • Dimensions 115mm x 35mm x 115mm
  • Mounting Points - 100mm x 100mm VESA
  • External Power Adapter - AC line to 5VDC, 10W
  • Operating temperature/humidity - 0-60C, 0-95% RH


PC8800 Emulator Keyboards


Mirador offers a 122-key PC keyboard for use with the PC8800 to provide a key for key match with the original Intecolor keyboard. It is specially programmed and fitted with special keycaps for use with the emulator. The illustration below shows the standard layout.

122-key PC keyboard Option (Standard Intecolor Layout)

The flexibility of the 122-key keyboard is such that it can support alternative key layouts, including layouts that mimic various custom versions of the original Intecolor keyboard. Illustrated below, as an example of what can be done, is a layout that Mirador provided to replace the Intecolor keyboards in a Modcomp control system. (A Modcomp custom character set, also available from Mirador, was pre-installed with PC8800.)

122-key PC keyboard Option for Modcomp


Please contact Mirador for details about this package.


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