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Mirador Software's Capabilities

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Mirador can provide the following types services on a fixed price basis or for reasonable hourly rates   Mirador will be happy to discuss your requirements and prepare a detailed proposal.

  • Software Reverse Engineering
    • Disassembly and analysis of machine code for Intel 8080, 8031, 8048, 8052, Zilog 8085, Z80, Z8000, TMS 9981, Hitachi H8, Motorola 6800 and 68000 Series, ARM, DEC PDP11, etc.
    • Conversion of BASIC or Fortran source code
    • Serial protocol discovery
  • Software Development
    • Languages -- Intel Assembly, C
    • Platforms -- Windows, Linux, DOS
    • Areas of special expertise -- networking, video and graphics, serial communications, threads and inter-process communications, touchscreens
  • Technical Writing
    • Digital and analog circuit analysis and description
    • Software analysis and description
    • Test specifications and procedures
  • Consultation for environmetal and other type testing of computer and display products
    • MIL STD 810, DO-160
    • IEC 60068 testing for environmental screening of industrial products
    • IEC 945, Lloyd's Register Type Approval System, other marine type approval


Home Customer List Enquiries and Orders Downloads


Mirador Software
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