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Replacement Dusenbery Touch Monitor

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Mirador has developed and field tested a replacement for the touchscreen-equipped Sony 14" color CRT monitors used in Dusenbery cutter machine consoles. Up until now, a good replacement solution has not been available. A replacement monitor has to handle not only the non-standard, low-frequency video signals from the Dusenbery computer, but also a custom touchscreen protocol. Mirador has developed a touch protocol translator that allows replacing the original touchscreen with a modern flat touchscreen, and has worked with a slow-scan LCD vendor to provide a complete touch-LCD replacement solution

An illustration of Mirador's replacement touch monitor is shown below.  It fits into the panel cutout for the original Sony monitor with only minor mechanical modifications.

New Dusenbery Touch Monitor

The photo below shows Mirador's touch protocol translator installed inside the replacement monitor chassis.  The protocol translator  allows the original Elo resistive touchscreen and E271-280-4A serial controller to be replaced by an Elo flat infra-red touchscreen.  The translator converts Elo infra-red protocol into the E271-280-4A protocol understood by the Dusenbery computer.

Dusenbery touch monitor interior

Please enquire for details about Mirador's replacement Dusenbery  touch monitor.


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