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RMV9000 Operator Station Simulators

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Mirador's RMV9000 simulator software facilitates replacement of an entire Rosemount RMV9000 operator station with standard PC hardware. Typically, the software runs on a small form-factor industrial-grade PC, and the PC drives an industrial-grade LCD monitor equipped with a flat infra-red touchscreen. As replacements for older-generation Intecolor 8001G-based OSPZ80s, these PC hardware components can be retrofitted into the original RMV9000 console after the Intecolor chassis is removed. Otherwise, the display can be installed on a desktop and the PC can be hidden behind or below. The PC is configured to launch the simulator software automatically at power-up.

Mirador's simulator software can not only relieve RMV9000 users of the burden of having to maitain old operator station hardware; it can also solve a printing problem that many users are now experiencing. For printing process displays, the RMV9000 supports only an old Texas Instruments black/white impact printer or (for OSP881X with KIP) a Printacolor or QRP9000 color printer. Most user's printers are no longer functional, and even if they remained so, they would be considered very outdated and inadequate by today's standards. The simulator software supports color printing of the process displays on inexpensive USB or parallel ink jet printers (HP PCL/3 compatible).

Versions of the RMV9000 simulator that are currently available include:

  • rmvsim for RMV9000 OSPZ80 Rev. W (8001G-based)
  • rmvsim2 for RMV9000 OSP88XX and KIP V5.02-02

The simulator software can be easily adapted to support additional versions of the RMV9000 OSP and KIP. If you are interested in replacing a version not listed here, please enquire.

Note: When both the OSP and the KIP are replaced, the KIP simulator and the OSP simulator can both run on a single PC. The original RMV9000 keyboard is connected by means of a special RJ to DB9 adapter to the simulated KIP processor.

The RMV9000 OSP simulator software has been field proven to faithfully replicate all the functions of the original Intecolor-based operator station. The simulator software is Linux-based. Mirador offers the software under license, bundled with the Linux operating system and suitable PC hardware. Please contact Mirador to learn how you can try it before committing to purchase.

Shown below are some typical displays from the Mirador RMV9000 OSPZ80 Rev. W simulator.

RMV 9000 Screen 1 RMV 9000 Screen 2 RMV 9000 Screen 3 RMV 9000 Screen 4


RMV9000 Operator Stations

RMV 9000 Console Front View

Above: RMV9000 consoles with touch display units (OSPZ80) and 8-page keyboards (KBP) installed

The Fisher-Rosemount RMV9000 DCS includes one or more operator stations providing color displays of process graphics. Functionally, each operator station (OSP), sits between the RMV9000 keyboard processor (KIP or KBP) and the system controller (CCM). It communicates with these devices using a Rosemount-proprietary serial protocol. The OSP can handle inputs from a touchscreen, lightpen or keyboard, and can accept commands from the CCM to build and update screens, including overview screens, bar graphs, trend graphs, etc.

There are two different types of RMV9000 operator stations. In older generation systems, the operator stations consist of customized Intecolor 8001G terminals installed in large consoles. (See control room photo above.) Each Intecolor terminal includes a 19" color CRT monitor and a display generator. For use in the RMV9000, the Intecolor 8001G is fitted with a customized cpu board and an infra-red touchscreen. Optionally, a light pen can be connected. Originally the cpu board used an 8080 processor, but this was upgraded to a Z80. The keyboard processor (KBP) is physically separate from the 8001G chassis.

Below: view from the rear of an OSPZ80 chassis

8001 OSP Chassis RMV9000 Desktop Operator Stations

Above: RMV9000 operator stations including desktop display units (OSP88XX and KIP) and 8-page keyboards (SKIP)

In newer generation systems the operator stations are desktop units based on Intecolor 8800 series terminals. (See the photo immediately above.) Each OSP881X includes a 19" color CRT monitor, an infra-red touchscreen, and a standard Intecolor Z80 processor board, fitted with custom OSP firmware. A small relay/DIP switch board in installed on the processor board's parallel port. The keyboard interface processor board (KIP) is installed in the 8800 terminal card rack above the OSP processor board. The keyboard itself is housed separately and contains a serial processor (SKIP).

Below: view of OSZ88XX and KIP boards from desktop display station

8815 OSP Board 8815 KIP Board

There are still many RMV9000 operator stations of both types in service. However, they now represent significant maintenance problems, because repair parts and services are both hard to find and expensive. Mirador's family of RMV9000 operator station simulators provides economical solutions for these maintenance problems.


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