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A Rosemount Manager 16 Operator Station Emulator

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Mirador's PC-based emulator of the Manager 16 Operator Station supports all the functions of the Rosemount Manager 16 Operator Stations, with the exception of the touch screen. The emulator supports both a standard 102-key PC keyboard, and a 122-key PC keyboard, which provides excellent emulation of the original customized Intecolor keyboard.

Rosemount Manager 16 Operator Stations that can be replaced by the PC8800 Manager 16 emulator include:

  • 8815 Operator Station, Rosemount Part No. 9200-6516-5800

  • 3815 Operator Station, Rosemount Part No. 9200-6516-6000

The Mirador Manager 16 emulator has been successfully tested on an operational Rosemount System. Users have reported that they are very happy with their emulators, which have given new life to their system. They especially like the sharp, bright, displays on their PC monitors, and the layout of the Rosemount function keys on their PC keyboards.

Shown below are some typical displays from the Manager 16 Operator Station emulator.

Manager 16 Screen 3

Manager 16 Screen 6

Manager 16 Screen 9
Manager 16 Screen 8

Manager 16 Operator Stations

Rosemount Manager 16 Terminal

The Rosemount Manager 16 Operator Station, often found in building or energy management systems dating from the early '80s, is based on Intecolor 8815 or 3815 hardware, but it incorporates custom cpu firmware developed by Rosemount at its La Habra, CA facility. This firmware provides functionality that is quite different from a standard Intecolor terminal.

The Manager 16 terminal firmware supports a special communications protocol, a customized version of the Intecolor 117-key keyboard, and an infra-red touchscreen. It uses the Intecolor Process character set to represent text and drawing elements on the display, and the plot character set for certain graphics (boxes and bar graphs).

Below:  A Manager 16 Processor.

Manager 16 Processor

Bundled Solution for Operator Station Replacement

Currently, PC8800-M16 is a 32-bit protected mode DOS application.  Mirador supplies the software pre-installed on a suitably configured Advantech ARK-6620 embedded computer.

The ARK-6620 boots FreeDOS from Compaq Flash (no hard drive is used).  The system is configured to launch PC8800-M16 immediately following boot.

If the user desires, Mirador can supply a monitor and keyboard for use with this system.  But the user has the option to source her own monitor and keyboard.

PC8800-M16 supports both a standard PC keyboard and a customized 122-key keyboard that is key-for-key compatible with the original keyboard.  This keyboard is described in detail on this page below.  Please enquire about availability.


The Manager 16 Operator Station Emulator Keyboard

A 122-key PC keyboard was chosen as the primary keyboard for use with the Manager 16 Operator Station emulator. The illustration below shows the layout of the Manager 16 function keys. Where special legending was required, the keyboard vendor was able to supply blank key caps having snap-on clear covers. These were used to replace the corresponding standard caps. Labels were created and fitted under the clear covers. The vendor was able to supply blank colored caps for the arrow keys. The result is a very cost-effective and convenient emulation of the original keyboard. While the illustrated arrangement has proven to be satisfactory so far, the chosen keyboard provides the flexibility for other arrangements as needed for specific customers.

PC keyboard for Manager 16


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